Welcome to the site <Pimba Art>. Here's an important part of my work starting from the late 80's with Indian ink on paper. It will see a series of watercolors with bold colors that were in the same period! Then you can enjoy sculptures, boxes, drums, the T-shirt’s and jewelry creations since the early 90's onwards! As an autodidact I have experimented in many art forms, and gradually, alternating with seasonal and time travel. For me art is a journey that offers you the beginning of the planning of the project by the end of his journey. On this trip where light and shadow is everything but I'm trying to be more disciplined on the subject of me, I can have the desired effect. Most of the works presented here are for sale, except those already sold. Even accept orders for portrait, landscape, nude, and that can be done from a photo board! The development of the project step by step you get from getting photos to the email medium. To be able at any moment to intervene, before reaching the artwork comes in your hands. The price is determined by the time of implementation of each project and is negotiable!

Good trip Pimba


painting ..... woodcarving ..... photography..... more