Konstantinos Botas (Pimba)

He was born in Giannitsa (Northern Greece) in 1966.
He is a self-educated painter, woodcarver, photographer and a member of the Greek Plastic Arts Chamber since September 2002. He’s first exhibition was held in Giannitsa (ink drawings) at the age of 24.
In summer of 1988 he visited for the first time the island of Gavdos (Crete). There, he came across the nickname ‘Pimba’, which in the local dialect means ‘complete’. In The following years, he carved cedar giving their human forms.
Since 2005, he paint with airbrush, first with ink on paper and later acrylics on canvas, drawing he’s themes (nude, landscape, nature) from he’s pictures. The last years he divert the time between the island of Gavdos (during summertime) and New Iraklia in Chalkidiki (in winter), where he’s atelier is located.